Gilmore Girls Season 1 Is Giving Mind-Blowing Hair Nostalgia

When I think of the perfect show to rewatch once the cool weather sets in, Gilmore Girls immediately comes to mind. With the quaint, small town setting and the constant reminder of how good a hot cup of coffee sounds, what else can you ask for in a comfort show. During this year’s holiday Netflix binge, I found myself noticing (and liking!) the hair more than usual. Y2K styles have been coming back into fashion with a vengeance and watching the Lorelais’ iconic looks has me understanding why. Let’s talk about some of the hairstyles that have me considering adding a baby tee to my capsule wardrobe.

Iconic Hairstyles from Season 1 of Gilmore Girls:

1. Sookie & Lorelai Go on a Double Date

Gilmore Girls

The first scene that I recognized my obsession with the hair styles was when Sookie was getting ready for her first date with Jackson. I mean COME ON! Look at that beautiful roller set– the TikTok influencers are shaking. This is the hair tutorial we all need. Sookie does end up removing her rollers and putting it into a fancy updo which currently still feels dated but on the verge of coming back in style.

Gilmore Girls

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2. Rory Goes to the Chilton Formal

Gilmore Girls

When Lorelai convinced Rory into going to the Chilton formal, I was amped to see how she was going to do her hair. Once the reveal happened I found myself a little deflated. Piggybacking off of my comment about Sookie’s updo in our last example, this special occasion style seemed dated. However, as the episode went on, I had to agree with Madeline: “She’s got good hair!” The tight, high bun, topped with baby’s breath, was the epitome of Y2K formal hairstyles. The Gilmore Girls’ hairstyling team nailed this one. As more and more Y2K trends come back, I am excited to see if a modern version of this comes back into style.

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3. Pretty Much Every Other Scene

It seems like everyone in the Gilmore Girls’, except maybe Emily, has taken their turn rocking the half up hair look but the Lorelais’ definitely are the reigning relaxed hairstyle queens. I had forgotten how much the half up hair style had me in a chokehold in middle school and early high school until this most recent rewatch. I love the functionality of it being out of their faces, but it still feels down and done.

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“Some years, you can tell I needed to cut the time in the chair down and I would just ponytail it. Some years, the hair is way more elaborate. That was always…“the issue” is too strong of a term, but it’s safe to say we were always trying to figure out “the hair.”

– Lauren Graham, who played Lorelai Gilmore

Don’t worry Lauren, all of your stylist’s hard work has not gone unnoticed. Whether it’s on forum sites like Reddit where fans can share their opinion or in articles like, There’s Meaning In Rory Gilmore’s Hair Evolution, the Gilmore Girls’ hair really has become a huge topic of conversation across the internet!

Oh! And if you catch me wearing my hair half up in the coming months, yes I have been influenced by Gilmore Girls.

Until Next Time,

Josie 🙂