Amazing Last Minute Gifts for the Holidays 2023

last minute gifts

Hello fellow procrastinators! If you’ve come looking for last minute gifts you’ve come to the right place. Every year I say I’m not going to wait until the last minute to buy gifts, and every year I am frantically paying for express shipping and hoping it gets here in time. If this sounds familiar, I see you, I understand you! Here is a few of the last minute gifts and when to grab them by to make sure it’s there before the holidays!

5 Last Minute Gifts and When to Order Them By

1. Davines Advent Calendar

last minute gifts

The Davines Advent Calendar is an amazing gift for the clean beauty lover on your list. All of Davines’ products are manufactured with 100% renewable energy sources! With 12 unique products, this gives your loved one the opportunity to explore all of the different davines lines in a fun way. This advent calendar includes:

1 OI Shampoo 90ml
1 OI Conditioner 75ml
1 OI All In One Milk 50ml
1 OI Hand Balm 75ml
1 OI Scent 50ml
1 MOMO Shampoo 75ml
1 MOMO Conditioner 75ml
1 The Circle Chronicles Spotlight Mask 50ml
1 Naturaltech Renewing Shampoo 100ml
1 LOVE Smoothing Bar 100g
1 More Inside Blow Dry Primer 100ml
1 DEDY Face Mask 75ml

If you don’t have just one person in mind, you can always split the advent calendar up into multiple gifts as well!

Order By: December 19th

2. Nintendo Switch– OLED Edition

last minute gifts

Give the gift of virtual family game nights. The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic option as a whole family gift because not only can it be used for streaming content, you can also create endless memories by playing a classic game virtually.

Some of my favorite games to play with friends and family are the Jackbox game series. The game plays through the Switch but people use their phones as their controllers. It has a wide range of amount of players making it fun for big and small groups alike.

Order By: December 22nd

3. CAROTE Cookware Set

last minute gifts

This is the most aesthetic cookware line I have ever seen! I am personally sending this link out as my last minute gift wants. With this 16 piece set, your loved one will be able to completely revamp their kitchen creating a new vibe for the new year.

Adding on handwritten recipe card of one of your favorite dishes will give this gift the warmth of family memories!

Order By: December 20th

4. Two Story Cat Bed

last minute gifts

My cats are always so excited for a new bed or furniture piece. I can see both of them curled up on this on Christmas as we enjoy the day. I love that it is two stories so they have the option of getting up a little higher to see out the window if they want too!

Order By: December 20th

5. A Gift Card

last minute gifts

While this may be a controversial last minute gifts, this is one of the safest options. People may feel uncomfortable giving gift cards but I have never met a person who was not happy to receive a gift card. The best part is, most stores give you access to the gift card immediately online making it easy for even the most extreme procrastinators.

Order By: December 24th

I know how stressful it can be trying to get those last minute gifts but don’t forget to enjoy the moment as much as possible. This franticness only comes around once a year, lean into the magic of it! Who knows, maybe this year will be the year we procrastinate on gifts?

Best of luck on your last minute gifts everyone and have a fantastic holiday season!

Until Next Time,

Josie 🙂