SU Line: 4 Summer Must Haves to Protect Against the Sun


With summer here upon us in full swing, what better time than now to protect your skin and hair from the everyday stress associated with sun exposure? Unprotected hair and skin are super susceptible to the harsh UV rays from the sun that have the potential to cause permanent damage. If precautions are not taken, premature signs of aging, such as dull lifeless hair and wrinkly skin, can become an unfortunate yet avoidable reality. But with just the right care, your hair and skin have all the power in the world to thrive under the sun!

The Davines Su line consists of four Vitamin C infused products formulated to provide the absolute best support for both hair and skin against the sun. This life changing line ensures extreme protection from the sun before and even after sun exposure! Each product is full of intense hydration ready to revitalize overexposed hair and skin to rebalance you like new! With the Su line, the heat of summer doesn’t stand a chance against exquisite nourishment here to support all your time spent soaking up the sun!

When pinpointing what makes this line so special, it’s key to recognize that each product is composed with citrus myrtifolia extract, also known as “chinotto”, that is grown exclusively in Savona, Italy. This secret ingredient is packed with an abundance of powerful antioxidants containing anti-inflammatory qualities, such as Vitamin C, that gently work to shield hair and skin from the harsh free radicals produced by extended sun exposure. It’s these one of a kind properties that make the Su line a must have for this and every summer to come! 

Follow the product breakdown below to learn more about each individually to see why this line is sooo unique! 

Before Sun Exposure

Su Hair Milk– Before a day out of fun in the sun, spritz on this lightweight leave-in spray cultivated with the utmost UV protection for your hair! These protective filters not only shield hair color, but also hydrate without weighing your hair down. Incredible nourishment will leave your hair feeling soft and make combing a piece of cake! For even extra protection, use as a leave on conditioner after shampooing to lock in every single benefit!

After Sun Exposure 

Su Hair & Body Wash– This two in one shampoo and body wash gently cleanses skin and hair after long days under the sun! Its anti-inflammatory properties provide total hydration as a foamy lather leaves both hair and skin feeling replenished beyond belief. Wash away impurities from head to toe effortlessly with this nourishing life saver!

Su Aftersun– Soothe and rejuvenate sunburnt skin for instant relief with this revolutionary gel! After prolonged sun exposure, apply this quick absorbing gel to your skin and feel overwhelmed with refreshing cooling sensations. Its moisturizing qualities protect reddened skin and restore hydration leaving you feeling nothing but soft. With quick absorption features intact, you’ll be able to stay on the move knowing you’re protected everyday this summer! 

Su Hair Mask– Rejuvenate tired hair feeling down from sun, chlorine, and salt with this post sun hair mask! Made specifically for after sun exposure, this mask targets even the driest hair to replenish undeniable nourishment like never before. Just apply to towel dried hair after shampooing and let sit for 5-15 minutes while it works its magic. Rinse away and become overwhelmed with shine!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products mentioned, we offer curbside pickup as well as same day shipping on all orders placed before noon!

This post was brought to you by our midtown receptionist, Ally!