Our Best-Selling Love Smooth Line: 3 Products Your Hair Has Been Waiting For

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Uncontrollable frizz and unmanageable hair has officially met its match with Davines’ Love Smooth Line! This hair care line is the proud winner of Allure’s 2011 and 2014 Best of Beauty Awards & The Coveteur’s Luxury Beauty Awards: Best In Hair. As our second most popular selling product line, it’s no question that there is something extra special here that keeps our clients coming back for more.

The whole Love Smooth line is formulated with pristine Minuta olive extract that is grown and harvested all the way in the heart of Messina, Italy. Here, this one of a kind ingredient flourishes under the Italian sun creating high amounts of fatty acids and Vitamin E that are made for nourishing, moisturizing, and softening hair all around. These elements are also what makes this line key for controlling flyaways, frizz, coarse, and rebellious hair. 

Consisting of 3 staple products, this unique line is here to help you manage your hair starting from when you wash to when you take on the day with its miracle leave-in cream. Check out our product breakdown below to understand why Davines’s Love Smooth Line is such a crowd pleaser!

Love Smooth Shampoo

Major Enhancement Qualities- Indulge in a creamy cleansing lather that prioritizes taming even the most restless hair! With this shampoo, Minuta olive extract ensures ample softening effects that result in instantly improved elasticity and unbelievable sleek texture. Since this shampoo is gentle enough for everyday use, you’ll be able to refine frizz and boost shine whenever your heart desires.

True Testimonies-I LOVE this line!! Just used the Love shampoo and conditioner for the first time this morning and I cannot stop running my fingers through my glossy, hydrated, lustrous hair.”

“My hair hairdresser referred this product to me and my hair is so soft, it’s easy to blow dry and it never tangles. I have extensions and this has also been wonderful on my extensions.”

“It’s THE best shampoo I’ve ever used. I have very thick hair. I used it not knowing what to expect. Well I let it air dry first, my hair was soooo soft. Then I hit it with the hair dryer and brush. So silky smooth. No flat iron needed.”

Love Smooth Conditioner

Major Enhancement Qualities- Follow using Love Smooth Shampoo with this ultra-hydrating conditioner for maximum smoothe results! This moisture rich conditioner targets deep within hair structure to further eliminate frizz for an overall polished finish. With this one of a kind nourishment, hair will be left detangled and easy to comb leaving you with silky radiance.

True Testimonies-This conditioner is absolutely incredible! I didn’t think I would ever find a natural conditioner that could nourish, detangle, and tame my extremely thick hair without weighing it down. As if that weren’t enough, the texture is beautifully smooth and the smell is delicious! This stuff is pure magic.”

 “I’ve been using this conditioner for 3 months now, and Lord have Mercy, I love this conditioner. My wavy frizzy hair has been cooperating AND it’s healthier!!! How can I not love this product?! Seriously. No joke, best conditioner I’ve ever used.”

“I am completely SHOOK at this shampoo/conditioner duo! Just washed my hair this morning, and I am LOVING (ha!) my hair! I have used many high-end brands, most recently including Living Proof Perfect Hair Day and Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Oil, but none of them have managed to give me LUSTROUS hair like Davine’s LOVE line.”

Love Hair Smoother

Major Enhancement Qualities- Restrain those extra pesky flyaways with this invisible lightweight leave on cream! This must need product is formulated to lock in moisture without leaving any residues or weighing it down. It specializes in controlling hair to work with you to make combing and styling easier than it’s ever been for unruly hair. 

True Testimonies-I use the entire line of the smoothing products, and my hair has never been more healthy! I credit this product in particular for solving a decade old problem coarse spot that salon conditioning treatments couldn’t fix. My curls are smooth, shiny, soft, and easy to style.”

“I take a little less than a nickel size, and spread it all throughout my hair after towel drying it. Then I brush through my hair and blow dry it. NO FRIZZ!!! Yayy!!!!”

“I live in South Texas where we usually have 90 to 100% humidity. I also have natural wavy/curly hair that I like to wear straight and smooth. Love smoother makes my hair soft, smooth, and frizz free. Like other reviews have said, you don’t need a lot.” 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is Davines Love Smooth color safe?

A: Yes! All Davines products are formulated to be gentle on the hair in order to protect cosmetic color.

Q: Why is it better to shop local?

A: The benefits of shopping at local small businesses are immense! Buying local instead of nationally owned ensures money stays in the community, increases community health, conserves energy and resources, keeps local businesses alive, and even aids in creating jobs. When you shop local, you invest in the community.

Q: Does Davines Love shampoo have sulfates?

A: The Davines Love Smooth line is sulfate and paraben free.

Q: How do you use Davines Love Smoother?

A: After shampooing and conditioning, apply a nickel sized amount to towel dried hair focusing on length and ends to tame coarse frizz.

Q: What is the best product to smooth frizzy hair?

A: If you’re looking to manage unruly coarse frizzy hair, ensure hair health with natural ingredients, and only need to use minimal amounts of product for maximum results the Davines Love Smooth line is just what you need.

Q: Is Davines a good hair product?

A: Davines prides itself in abiding by sustainable beauty meaning they prioritize natural fruit/veggie ingredients, minimize harsh unnatural chemicals, value the effects their products have on the environment, and possess a wide variety of products to fulfill all unique hair needs.

Tap here to explore and shop Davines’s Love Smooth line for same day shipping on all orders placed before noon! Keep in mind that when you shop with us locally, you also support our business and community that allows for our incredible stylists to continue loving your hair. The Colour Bar humbly appreciates your ongoing support during this time and can’t wait to see you back in our salon! 


Written by: Ally Rodriguez

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