The Love Curl Line: 8 Captivating Products for Curly Hair

love curl

Davines’ Love Curl Line is an accredited regimen created to satisfy all wavy to curly hair textures! All the essential needs your one of a kind curls require have been formulated into 8 different products within this fascinating hair care line. Each of these products share a common ingredient origin called Noto almond extract that is harvested all the way in Siracusa, Italy.

This unique natural additive is plentiful in proteins and vitamins that establish elasticity so that your curls can achieve their ultimate potential. Frizz, undefined curls, and weighed down dull hair don’t stand a chance against this reliable line! Read our product breakdown below to better understand this line’s benefits suited for all curl needs.

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Love Curl Shampoo & Conditioner

Stimulating AdvantagesGently deep clean and restore your precious curls with this shampoo & conditioner duo made just for curly and wavy hair. Start cleansing with a creamy lather created with the Love Curl Shampoo that works to enhance volume, while not altering your hair’s natural texture or weighing it down. Follow with the protein and vitamin B infused Love Curl Conditioner to reinforce captivating elasticity that’ll keep that effortless bounce in your curls. Thanks to natural active ingredients, your hair will be left soft, shiny, and easy to comb.

Real Reviews

My hair is naturally wavy, fine and shoulder length. I’m always worried to use curl shampoos because they sometimes weigh my hair down, but the Love Curl shampoo is so lightweight. Using the shampoo and conditioner my hair was not frizzy and had nice soft waves, I’ve been getting so many compliments and for the first time I love my natural hair!”

“I have been using this shampoo for about a year. I have wavy/curly frizzy hair and along with the Love curl conditioner – it calms the frizzes down. I love the smell”

Love Curl Cleansing Cream

Stimulating Advantages- Intensely moisturize your waves or curls with this mind-blowing cleansing cream! Just apply and massage onto damp hair, then let sit for about five minutes to let it work its magic. As it penetrates deep into your curls cuticle, it lightly removes impurities and also hydrates to restore your natural curl pattern. Your curls will be left extremely conditioned and tamed so flyaways will have no place in your hair.

Real Reviews

“This Cleansing cream is magic in a bottle! I have wavy to curly hair and I immediately feel results after washing out. My hair is less frizzy and it restores the elasticity to the wave. I will forever have this in my caddy!”

“I have very dry, wavy hair and have tried several cleansing creams from other brands. This is my favorite because it is hydrating but not too heavy, smells good, and comes in a 16 oz bottle.”

Love Curl Primer

Stimulating Advantages- Prep your curls for heat protection, blow drying, styling, and detangling, with this enchanting moisturizing milk! Its anti-humidity agents allow curls to coil effortlessly to make styling easier, even under the stress of outside moisture. With this primer, your hair will feel under your control!

Real Reviews

Love how my hair looks with this product. I form my curls with gel and then spray this and diffuse. Without it my hair turns into a mix of curls and waves after a few hours, but this keeps it all curl for days.”

“I’ve just started using this product, and definitely noticed increased wave definition and volume/hold.”

Love Curl Mask

Stimulating Advantages- Swap out your usual conditioner once a week with this nourishment rich deep conditioner! B-group vitamins, vitamin E, and potassium team up in this hair mask to provide an extra dose of hydration for even the thickest or unruliest hair. Noticeable softness and flexibility will enhance your curls to reach their full potential.

Real Reviews

I actually use this as a styling product! I let my hair dry naturally and use a nickel sized amount of product (I have very fine and thinning hair) to shape the curls and tame the frizz. My curls take a fabulous shape and I receive countless compliments now!! Love this product!”

“I use this product one a week to quench my curly hair thirst. As an added bonus, it adds this delicious light-weight bouncy, a stunning sheen, and a yummy scent. My FIRST use (and every use after) I am stopped and asked about my hair. It is glossy, non-frizzy, glamourous, smells light and delicious, oh and eco friendly!”

Love Curl Controller

Stimulating Advantages- Reduce frizz and keep excess volume all under control with this compelling leave-in cream! Keep your waves and curls finely set as balance is restored. Long-lasting curl definition is here to withstand the pressures of humidity, while ensuring your hair is tamed to your liking.

Real Reviews

My hair has always been thick and course; it also has some breakage caused by another product. I didn’t want to cut off my waist length hair to get rid of it. My stylist suggested Davines to me and they are THE BEST especially this styler!”

“My husband has also started using it every day since his curls are growing out in quarantine. For both of us, it makes our hair look more defined but still smooth and super soft. No crunch at all. It also smells good but the scent isn’t overly strong.”

Love Curl Cream

Stimulating Advantages- Turn heads with this lightweight leave-on serum that masters the art of definition for all types of wavy to curly hair! Without ever making it heavy or crunchy, this miracle cream improves softness and shine. Free of any pesky residues, your curls will maintain their natural flexibility. 

Real Reviews

I have very thick, somewhat coarse medium-length hair with a lot of body. A quarter-size dollop of this product at the end of my shower, plus crunching the hair with my fingers is all I need for beautiful hair, whether air-drying or blow drying. This product is lightweight, not sticky at all, and leaves my hair soft and shiny. It also smells great.”

“I have used love curl cream for years and initially bought it because its scent is amazing. Luckily, I ended up loving how well it sets my spiral curls without weighing them down. It always leaves my hair moisturized without leaving build up on my hair.”

Love Curl Revitalizer

Stimulating Advantages- Increase your curls vitality in between washes to control frizz with this intriguing product! Formulated with rich proteins, like vitamin B and E, your hair’s volume will stay manageable until you wash again.

Real Reviews

I have very thick, somewhat coarse medium-length hair with a lot of body. I use this product on dampened hair in between washes to revitalize and refresh my curls. A light spray goes a long way — and as long as you don’t use too much, it won’t leave your hair sticky or weighted down.”

“Left my curls bouncy and glorious.Highly recommend!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you use Davines Love Curl Cream?

A:Simply apply to damp hair after shampooing and conditioning as a leave-in product. Continue with drying and styling for tamed curls!

Q: Is Davines a good brand?

A: Davines prides itself in abiding by sustainable beauty meaning they prioritize natural ingredients, minimize harsh unnatural chemicals, value the effects their products have on the environment, and possess a wide variety of products to fulfill all unique hair needs.

Q: Why is Davines so expensive?

A: In order to ensure the utmost natural and safe ingredients, Davines stands by the quality of their formulas while also making biodiversity a priority. 

Q: What is the best product for curly frizzy hair?

A: If you’re interested in taming unruly frizz and defining curls using a naturally derived product, Davines’ Love Curl Controller may be the product for you! Long-lasting definition, even in humidity, is here to help your curls find guaranteed balance.

Q: How do you calm frizzy curly hair?

A: Getting your curls accustomed to a hair care regimen is key! It all starts with ensuring you’re using salon quality products that are gentle enough for everyday use and fit the wide range of your needs. Davines’ Love Curl line consists of 8 revolutionary products that do just this.

Written by: Ally Rodriguez