5 Essential At Home Hair Hacks to Maintain Color


It’s true, creating your hair color begins in a salon; but, maintaining its longevity all circles back to how you treat it at home. As our salon remains temporarily closed, this is the prime time to take your color care into your own hands. Check out our top 5 essential at home hair hacks to defeat dullness and enhance your hair color to last until we can see you at The Colour Bar again! 

1) NEVER Skip Your Heat Protectant


Whenever you reach for your favorite curling iron or straightener, make sure your handy heat protectant isn’t too far away! Whenever you apply heat onto unprotected colored hair, you run the risk of drying it out leading to lifting cosmetic hair color. But, there’s an easy solution! Spritzing on heat protectant, like our best-selling Melu Hair Shield, defends color treated hair from heat damage. What’s even better is that this ensures a barrier between your color and the hot tools at use. By protecting your color from heat, you’re also allowing it to stay vibrant longer. Add this essential quick step to your hair routine whenever styling with any form of heat! 

2) Use Professional Products in Your Regimen


If you want to preserve your hair color, you have to invest in using professional products at home! If you consider the time and hard earned money you use to color your hair, it just makes sense to practice the same energy towards your everyday routine. If you use drugstore products, you’re actually coating your cosmetic color with sulphates, parabens, and harsh chemicals that strip away color and essential oils instead of preserving it. These commonly advertised brands, like Pantene and Herbal Essences, advertise you saving money; but, don’t explain their silicone infused fillers at the cost.

This is where Davines comes to answer your color prayers exclusively with the Minu Line! Formulated specifically for color treated hair, this line promotes color durability, extends the duration of color, and increases vibrant shine. Consisting of shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask, and a miracle hair serum, the Minu Line has just what your color needs are asking for! 

3) Wash Your Hair Less 

For my gals who like to wash their hair everyday, now is the time to rethink it! Your scalp is covered in its own natural oils,called sebum, that ensures brilliant luster and hydration. When you excessively wash your hair more than necessary, you wash away and strip your hair of this protein, plus your cosmetic color. In order to maximize how long your color can last, try to only wash your hair when it feels extremely oily. This will let your organic oils flourish and keep your color safe until your next shampooing session. 

4) Swap Your Conditioner for a Hair Mask 

Add a trusty hair mask to your hair care routine once a week to improve long lasting color and hair health all at once! Taking the time to deep condition with a salon worthy hair mask will restore your color’s vivid shine, keeping it feeling refreshed. Davines’s Hair Mask is made to revamp colored hair by stimulating long term pigmentation without weighing it down. The Circle Chroncicles hair mask, The Spotlight Circle, is another accredited Davines product that also protects cosmetic color, while boosting incredible shine to keep your color bright and never dull!

5) Ditch the Heat

Let’s face it, there’s days that call for voluminous beach waves or perfected Hollywood curls. But, what about all the other days in between? Take full advantage of styling naturally by rocking your raw texture as much as possible! When you let your real hair pattern prosper, you avoid applying heat to your color altogether. This gives your hair color the best opportunity possible to thrive with long lasting effects. For the days you do decide to use hot tools, try turning down the heat level and don’t forget your heat protectant to keep your color sealed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make my hair color last longer?

A: At home care has the power to either maintain or fade cosmetic color. Choosing professional products like Davines, for your everyday routine ensures your color is best preserved with salon quality from home!

Q: What is the easiest hair color to maintain?

A: Low maintenance hair colors are those that are the most natural, like brown, that are closest to your original color. Artificial hues, like pink or blue, require the most maintenance to maintain since they wash out at a faster rate.

Q: How can I wash my hair color without losing it?

A: Using cold water to rinse your hair seals the cuticle locking color in. By swapping hot water for cold, your hair color will stay retained and vibrant!

Q: Why is it better to wash your hair less?

A: Washing your hair everyday or more than needed can easily strip your hair of its natural oils that keep it conditioned and soft. This can cause hair to become brittle, dry, and even experience breakage. 

Take professional care of your hair at home with our quick hacks and suggested Davines products above. Click here to shop our online store for all your colour needs!

Written by: Ally Rodriguez