The Melu Line: 3 Intriguing Products For Fragile Hair


Efficient everyday protection for fragile damaged hair lies within the Melu Line by Davines! Comprised of three daring products for hair recovering from heat damage and over-processing resulting in excessive breakage, brittleness, and dry texture, this line focuses on bringing life back into even the most delicate hair. Formulated with a boost of lentil seed extract, rich in serine and glutamic acid, these three products utilize these miracle repairing amino acids to nourish and repair hair like never before! Say good-bye to watching your hair routinely breakaway and instead strengthen it with the Melu hair-wellness it’s craving. Read our product breakdown below to see if this line could be the answer to your hair prayers!

Melu Shampoo

Stimulating Advantages- Suffering from brittle damaged hair? Bring your locks back to life when you wash with the ever dependable Melu Shampoo! Specifically formulated to increase elasticity and promote anti-breakage, this creamy foam gently cleanses fragile hair to stimulate your utmost hair health. Perfect for over-processed or heat damaged hair, this shampoo is here to rejuvenate from your scalp to ends

True Testimonies

“I used to have to wash my hair daily, after my stylist recommended this product, I was able to transition to washing my hair every other day, and it’s not greasy. Not only does my hair smell amazing, but it’s so much healthier and I can actually have second day hair.”

“Before I started using Melu, I had terrible split ends, to the point where I would find them a week after having a trim. It’s now been almost five months since my last trim and I am just starting to notice a few, very small split ends. Pair Melu shampoo with the matching conditioner and a boar bristle brush and the results are fantastically stronger, smoother hair.”

Melu Conditioner

Stimulating Advantages- Follow your shampooing session with nothing but ultimate hydration found within Melu Conditioner! This deeply nourishing yet extremely lightweight formula targets reinforcing moisture at your hairs ends to prevent their breakage, while making combing effortless. Impeccable softness and luster are the cherry on top of this revolutionary conditioner!

True Testimonies

“I use this product with the MELU shampoo, about every other day. Prior shampoo/conditioners made my hair greasy and impossible to get through 2 days before washing. Now I can wash every other day, my hair smells great and it is definitely breaking less. For a girl (or guy) who has thinner hair and tends to use heated styling tools this is the best product out there.”

“This conditioner has helped save my ends! I used to have dry and lifeless split ends due to heat styling, but this conditioner has turned that around. My ends look alive again! It’s incredible. They’re thick and shiny and they have so much movement! I also noticed whenever I comb and brush my hair there’s less fallout and breakage doesn’t occur at all. The brush just glides through.”

Melu Hair Shield

Stimulating Advantages- Guard your beloved hair from tough heat and stress from hot tools with our best-selling heat protectant: Melu Hair Shield! Reduce breakage and dry texture by adding this revolutionary product to your everyday routine whenever you reach for any hot tool. Elite natural active ingredients encourage minimal static from high temperatures while locking your hairs moisture inside where it belongs. If blow-drying, straightening, or curling with hot tools is part of your normal regimen this is the product your hair needs as a barrier against abrasive heat! 

True Testimonies

“Melu Hair Shield is my must have, every day, holy grail product. I spray this in my hair wet or dry before any heat styling (blow drying, straightening, curling, etc.). Smells light and amazing, and does not leave the hair feeling crunchy or wet like some other heat protectants do. My hair is so much more healthy since switching to this product and I feel confident that my hair is actually being protected from the heat.”

“I can’t say enough good things about this product; it smells nice, makes my hair feel soft and doesn’t leave any sort of residue. I recently went back to my hairdresser to get a trim, and she said that my hair felt significantly softer and had fewer split ends than the last time I went for a haircut.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often should I use a heat protectant?

A: Everytime you opt to apply heat onto your hair, you should ensure a heat protectant has already been applied to guarantee your hair’s health isn’t compromised from high temperatures. Never skip your reliable heat protectant before blow drying, straightening, curling, or any other heat application!

Q: What happens if you don’t use heat protectant spray?

A: Without creating a shield between your precious hair and harsh heat, your hair is forced to come into direct contact with the following issues: less elasticity and strength, dulled cosmetic color, and increased breakage from heat stripping your hair’s inner moisture. 

Q: How do you fix dry brittle hair?

A: The first step in reviving un-lively hair begins with your everyday hair regimen! Investing in salon quality products that emphasize natural ingredients, such as Davines, gently protects and nourishes keeping hair health a top priority.

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Written by: Ally Rodriguez