All About Hair Extensions: Our 2 Favorite Methods

hair extensions

Did someone mention luscious length and alluring volume? Yes, I did! You’re in the right place at the right time because I’m talking about hair extensions! Okay let’s admit it, we all have a brief understanding of what extensions are; but, how much do we really know about what makes each type unique? Let’s take a step back and rewind to get acquainted with all things hair extensions, so you can see if they are a right fit for your hair!

Believe it or not, hair extensions date back all the way to the ancient Egyptians depicted by Cleopatra who just so happens to be the first person documented to start this hair trend! As time went on, it wasn’t until the early 1950’s that hair extensions were redefined and revolutionized like never before! Now in the present day, there are countless extension options available on the market, but the real question remains: how do you know which are best for you and your hair’s well-being? 

The Colour Bar takes pride in making it a top priority to assure that all the extension services we offer will ensure and maintain your hair’s integrity. That is why our owners and stylists have collectively selected both Invisible Bead Extensions and SKW Extensions as our top two methods! Each provides longer and fuller hair without the worry of any scalp damage or pesky chemical residue, all while using real human hair. 

Our manager and senior stylist Erin, has two years of experience with both of these methods making her an expert with all things extensions! 

Her wide range of hair knowledge along with her stellar technique skills are only two of the countless reasons why she is just who you need to transform your hair. Erin is certified in both of our methods listed below and available at our Midtown location as our extensions guru handling all of these services at this time.

Read below for a service breakdown of both our Invisible Bead and SKW Hand Tied Extension methods to see which is right for you! 

Invisible Bead Hair Extensions (IBE) 

Our most popular and long lasting hair extension method is nothing other than Invisible Bead Extensions! This new technology makes extensions a piece of cake as this method is tape, bond, braid, chemical, and tension free! This popular service originated in response to the top three issues associated with various hand tied methods.

Here with IBE, your hair will be worry free of scalp/hair damage from tension/ over direction, discomfort due to beads resting on the scalp, and free to wear in any style since no beads or braids will be exposed. Similar to SKW in that both methods protect from hair loss and damage, IBE too stands by protecting your hair integrity over anything. With these extensions, you’ll be able to achieve both amazing length and volume free of fear!

With IBE, rows of extension hair wrap around the head in a horseshoe shape resulting in a seamless overall look. These rows are attached to beads in this horseshoe shape, then extensions are effortlessly stitched on. This technique allows extensions to blend naturally with real hair, even in updos without bead exposure. Gorgeous length and volume from IBE will leave your hair feeling stunningly full! If undetectable volume sounds just like what you’ve been searching for, check out our IBE Page for more before and after photos and service details!

SKW Hand Tied Hair Extensions

The time has come, yes we’re talking all things SKW Hand Tied Extensions! This cutting edge method was created and founded by cosmetologist/ nurse practitioner Sarah K Wilks, as it smoothly bridges the gap between hair and health. This technique remains not only the first, but the only extension line created by a medical provider that guarantees the health of both the scalp and hair! With this sensational method, both length and body are achieved in order to provide an all around fuller look!

SKW remains the first and only extension technique that does not require bead to scalp and bead to hair contact! What’s even better, is that you also will remain worry free of track tension and over-direction of hair with this method. Without the use of any glue, tape, or any adhesive these extensions instead use hand tied extension wefts that are then sewn onto a track. This allows extensions to lay naturally and flat on the scalp to stay undetectable! With SKW, you’ll be worry free of common extension side effects such as redness, irritation, and hair loss.

With your hair and scalp health being prioritized, these extensions are safe to be curled or straightened, the choice is up to you! Check out our SKW Extensions Page for more details and amazing before and after photos of our clients happy they put their health first!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are SKW extensions?

A: SKW extensions are the first and only hand tied extension method that require zero glue! This method eliminates bead to scalp and bead to hair contact as well as track tension.

Q: How long do SKW and IBE extensions last?

A: Maintenance is key! Consistent 6-8 week appointments are necessary along with the use of professional at home hair products to ensure extensions last as long as possible.

Q: Are hand tied extensions bad for your hair?

A: SKW takes pride in keeping health a priority and aims to ensure hair and scalp wellness before anything else!

Q: What are IBE extensions?

A: IBE stands for invisible bead extensions that were created to stop scalp and hair damage from tension/ over direction, discomfort caused by beads, and to allow versatile styling. 

Q: Do extensions stop hair from growing?

A: Just the opposite! Most extension clients utilize them while growing their natural hair out. As long as proper maintenance steps are followed, hair will continue growing like normal.

Q: What hair extensions are best for thin hair?

A: Both SKW and IBE extensions work to increase volume and length for thin hair creating a seamless natural look!

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Written by: Ally Rodriguez