The Momo Line: 3 Incredible Products for Dehydrated Hair


Parched dull hair bringing you down? Bring it back to life with these products formulated to revitalize dehydrated hair to head turning hair with ease known only as the Momo Line by Davines

Carefully designed with Cartucciaru melon extract grown from the one and only Trapani, Italy, this line is truly one of a kind. This unique key ingredient is jam packed with all natural benefits like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, zinc, and even phosphorus that all work together to moisturize wilted hair back to its fullest potential. Scroll below to see why this line is perfect for naturally reviving dry hair once and for all!

Momo Shampoo

Stimulating Advantages– Promote luxurious shine with this gentle gel cleanser that becomes a creamy foam when you add water! Formulated to renew hair with incredible sensations of ultimate hydration, this shampoo brings parched hair back to rejuvenation thanks to its all natural ingredients. Ensured moisturisation, gorgeous shine, and soft texture are all results your hair will love when you use this shampoo.

True Testimonies

I have been using the Momo line for 2 months now and love it. I live in a suburb of Cleveland OH, the water here is hard and has turned my hair dry and dull, ever since I started using these products, my hair has become soft and alive again! I also use the Oi non oil. Now I can wash my hair every other day and it still feels fresh… and oh how good it smells. Absolutely recommend this brand.”

“I have the driest hair, especially in the winter time. I have been trying all sorts of moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, and this one is BY FAR the best one I have ever tried. I think this product and the matching conditioner is worth every penny. If you have dry hair, I would 100% recommend this product (especially the MOMO conditioner). My ends typically feel very straw-like, and after using this product, they feel so much more moisturized. AMAZING.”

Momo Conditioner

Stimulating Advantages– Tackle dehydrated hair in need of serious restoration when you follow shampooing with the one and only Momo Conditioner! Designed to simultaneously detangle, hydrate, and soften hair this conditioner focuses on solving all dry hair needs. Prepare to be stunned after using this enchanting conditioner when your once withered hair becomes smooth and oh so silky!

True Testimonies

“I love this! I use it with the momo shampoo. I don’t have to use a lot. I have fine hair but a good amount of it. This did not weigh my hair down at all. With the shampoo I have had an exceptional body, bounce and shine! I swim, and this gives my hair what it needs! Winner for me!”

“I love Momo shampoo and conditioner. My hair has never felt better (soft and manageable). I have gray hair and it is hard to manage but Momo solves the problem. I also love the fact it has natural ingredients in it.”

Momo Hair Potion

Stimulating Advantages-  Seal the deal and take full advantage of the entire Momo Line by topping off your styling with this leave-on cream! This extremely lightweight 

potion targets creating immediate and complete hydration for even the driest hair transforming it from noticeably brittle to undeniably soft in a flash. Just apply to your hairs length while wet or dry and watch as dull ends take a backseat and lustrous texture sets in for the whole day.

True Testimonies

“I love the lightweight moisture, light enough that I can put the extra product near my scalp and it won’t weigh it down. 10/10 is one of my favorite Davines products, and I’ve used almost all of them! I put it on wet and if my ends need a little extra love, I’ll put a dollop on the ends once it’s dry.”

“It’s the 1st moisturizer that doesn’t irritate my scalp, break my hair, make me itch, cause acne or get in my lungs! Hallelujah! I am African American with 3c and 4a thick curly hair and this adds moisture without being greasy, helps reduce frizz and helps with shrinkage and adds shine. THANK YOU!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I hydrate my hair?

A: Washing and rinsing with cold water over hot helps seal the cuticles while also keeping moisture in. Making sure you’re using salon quality products made with hydration in mind are also essential in hydrating healthily.

Q: Why is my hair dry?

A: Hair can become susceptible to dryness when the scalp doesn’t make enough sebum or other natural oils that hydrate from the root down. If your scalp doesn’t create enough natural moisture on its own, your hair will inevitably become brittle. This is where the right natural salon quality products come in to save the day!

Q: Is Davines’ Momo Shampoo sulfate free?

A: Yes! Fully free of harsh sulfates and parabens.

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Written by: Ally Rodriguez