The NouNou Family: 3 Effective Products for Over Processed Hair


Bleached, relaxed, and permed hair are done holding you back from sensational nourishment with the one and only NouNou line by Davines! Over processing can happen when you least expect it and most of the time accidentally, leaving you stuck with brittle, dry, and damaged length.

This harsh stripping of moisture forces you to revise your hair care routine in order to regain your hair health to restore its softness and hydration all around. Instead of playing the risky trial and error game with various products that all claim to revitalize damaged induced hair, save your time and money with the complete NouNou line!

Made up of three products rich in Vitamin C and natural antioxidants derived from all natural Fiaschetto tomatoes, this line guarentees ultimate hair restoration from scalp to ends. Follow our product breakdown below to bring your hair health back and better than ever!

NouNou Shampoo

Top Benefits- Revitalizing damaged hair begins with the products you use in your usual routine so, what better place to start than with your shampoo! Astonishing Fiaschetto tomato extract is the secret ingredient in this unique formula that ensures a gentle lathery cleanse, while reconstructing instant shine. Incorporate this effective cleanser to your regimen to make every wash a step toward healthy hair.

Real Reviews

“Before being introduced to the Davines brand three years ago my hair was thin and would break off at my shoulders. I relied on extensions to achieve the look I desired. Thanks to NOUNOU my natural hair is now long and full of body. I was able to do away with the extensions, have never been so happy with a hair product before.”

“I’m in love with the Nounou Shampoo and Conditioner! I saw a difference in my hair the first time I used them and honestly, will never go back to using anything but Davines. My hair is processed and fine. My ends we’re looking frayed and damaged and I was ready to get them chopped off. I’m so glad I tried Nounou first. My hair looks and feels healthy again.”

NouNou Conditioner

Top Benefits- Follow using your trusty NouNou Shampoo with its pairing conditioner! Lightweight in its replenishment assistance, this miracle conditioner targets nourishing damaged hair transforming brittle dull hair to soft head turning hair. It even makes detangling effortless and will leave you shocked to see less hair break as you comb it.

Real Reviews

“This conditioner completely changed my life. I started the process of going blonde with pitch black hair. My hair was so brittle and EXTREMELY tangly. I feared the thought of brushing it, knowing it would take at least 15 minutes to go through all the tangles and knots just to get re-tangled 2 minutes later.

After using the Nounou conditioner for the first time my hair was noticeably softer and tangle free. After multiple uses I can see a massive change to my hair. My hair is shiny and smooth again, and I’m not finding small reminisces of breakage all over my clothes like I used to.”

“This conditioner is life. I love the packaging because I can scoop out the remaining product and I don’t feel like I’ve wasted anything. I love how they can be reused for something else as well. I can immediately tell a difference in my hair after using this.”

NouNou Hair Mask

Top Benefits-By trading your NouNou Conditioner once a week for the NouNou Hair Mask, your hair and scalp will be overcome with extreme restoration! Its dense consistency coats every single damaged hair in incredible hydration without ever weighing it down or leaving any trace of residue. Dazzling body and life is boosted leaving your hair looking and feeling noticeably strong after every application!

Real Reviews

“This hair mask is literally magic in a little container. My hair is dry and damaged due to bleaching it over the years, thanks to this mask my hair is silky and smooth. Not only does it make my hair feel soft, but I get literal rats nests in my hair, I don’t know what I do in my sleep but I wake up with a huge ball of matted hair on the back of my head that is impossible to comb out and this mask does all the work for me, literally.

Like I said, magic in a container. I can’t LIVE without this stuff.”

“I used only a coin size amount (quarter) on wet hair, working most of it into the ends. Then after 10 minutes I rinsed lightly, leaving a little still in my ends. Already after two uses my heat damaged fine hair is smoother and has more body and shine. I also love the scent.”


Q: Is Davines NouNou shampoo sulfate free?

A: Yes! The entire NouNou line by Davines is completely sulfate and paraben free!

Q: What is the best hair mask for damaged hair?

A: Hair can become classified as “damaged” when it loses its ability to retain the very moisture that keeps it soft and shiny. When this happens, it’s in need of extreme nourishment found in the all natural NouNou Hair Mask!

Q: Are you supposed to wash your hair after a hair mask?

A: To best absorb maximum benefits from a hair mask, it’s essential to apply it to clean hair then rinse with only water after. This keeps as much moisture sealed as possible!

Q: How do you know if your hair is over processed?

A: The most common signs to look out for are when your hair is dry or straw like, breaks easily when styled or brushed, has many flyaways, and doesn’t retain cosmetic color easily. 

Do your hair a favor and click here to shop all things NouNou. Your hair and The Colour Bar will thank you!