The Replumping Family: 3 Products for the Best Hair Ever


Is your hair in dire need of replumping? Look no further than the Davines Replumping family! With just three products, this regimen is simple yet highly effective.

Stemming from the Natural Tech line, these formulas are created to resolve and even further prevent common hair conditions. Composed of all natural products, each is formulated to create healthy hair starting from the scalp.

If you are experiencing breakage, lack of elasticity, or delicate hair the Replumping family will be perfect for you! Indulge your hair in alluring volume when you use the antioxidant filled Replumping family! Created to complement fragile hair prone to breakage, these products excel at maintaining your hair’s natural integrity and elasticity. If those benefits weren’t already enough, the Replumping family also holds the secret key to head turning volume as each of these products make hair appear thicker and fuller!

The Replumping Family Breakdown:

Replumping Shampoo:

For instant body and thickness, you can’t go wrong.

replumping shampoo

Formulated for delicate hair that is prone to breakage, this gentle formula moisturizes, protects, and enhances elasticity with just one wash.  The gentle cleansing actions washes away impurities but never changes the hair structure.

Key Benefits:  Provides elasticity and hydration to the hair. Protects the hair structure during cleansing. Anti-oxidant action. Natural active ingredients.

Client Testimony: ★★★★★ “I have thin, fine hair that has recently been thinning! This product made my hair look thick, supple & easy to style. I look like I just walked out of the salon, every morning without any extra effort on my part.” -GoldenSiren

Replumping Conditioner:

Detangling, elasticizing, thickening. A triple threat. 

Replumping Conditioner

The perfect sidekick to Replumping Shampoo, this conditioner really finishes the job. It effortlessly detangles the hair and continues to improve your hairs’ elasticity. It continues to protect and nurture very fine and brittle hair.

Key Benefits:  Moisturizes hair. Protects the structure of your hair. Natural active ingredients.

Client Testimony: ★★★★★ “I purchased this conditioner to use with the energizing shampoo and I really like it. It doesn’t weight my hair down and leaves it with great manageability and a beautiful finish. I highly recommend this conditioner.” -Lisa

Replumping Hair Filler Superactive: 

For that “just-left-the-salon” look. 

To really seal the deal! After washing with the Replumping shampoo and conditioner, finish off your routine with this magic product. Not only does it smell amazing, but it adds instant volume and thickness that stays all day.

Key Benefits:  Thicker hair. Fuller hair. Protected hair.

Client Testimony: ★★★★★ “I have thinning hair and this is my best friend right now. People been telling me my hair looks great ever since I started using this and I love it and will continue to buy it.” -Gabriela

Fun Fact: Different product families can be used in conjunction to target multiple hair complications at once. For example, if your hair is lacking elasticity and is extremely dry you can try using the Replumping Shampoo with the Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner. If you have a sensitive scalp but desire elasticity, try using the Calming Shampoo and Replumping Conditioner!

The options are endless with the Natural Tech Line and we can guarantee you will love the results that these products give you!

We hope this blog post finds you well and solves any hair complications you may be experiencing! Remember, you can also send us a DM on Instagram @_thecolourbar if you have any additional questions or need product recommendations!