The Only Holiday Gift Guide for a Self-Care Lover in 2022

holiday gift guide 2022

Holiday Gift Guides are everywhere nowadays, but I have found it easier to look at ones that are for a specific type of person. It allows me to get inspired for people that I already have in mind. This holiday gift guide is for the person on your list who is already self-care obsessed, or for the person who needs the reminder to show themselves a little extra love.

A Holiday Gift Guide for the Self-Care Fanatic in Your Life

Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, and many other winter holidays involve gift giving. Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be daunting, but you’re in the right place if you’re looking for inspiration. With this self-care based holiday gift guide, I am sure you’ll find something for your loved ones, or even yourself! 😉

1. Holiday Gift Boxes

holiday gift guide

A lot of product companies come out with gift boxes every year. They often have some of the brand’s best sellers, sometimes in full or travel size. This year, Davines came out with an advent calendar with a mix of sample, travel, and full size products that is perfect for someone who loves trying new hair products. What is super nice about most gift boxes is that they come in pretty packaging making it so you get to skip the wrapping if you want too!

2. The Circle Chronicles Hair Masks

holiday gift guide

These budget friendly, multi-use hair masks make the best stocking stuffers. At only $12 a piece, you can grab a couple different ones! These masks were specifically made with the skin care trend of “multi-masking” in mind. This means using different masks on different points of the hair depending on what’s needed. Be sure to grab a mask for the scalp as well as the hair ends.

3. A Self-Love Crewneck

Holiday Gift Guide

This crewneck is awesome as a stand alone gift or if you need to add one more thing to make the gift complete. It’s super comfortable and is easy to dress up or keep casual depending on how you accessorize it. It’s also a sweet reminder to a loved one to appreciate themselves for who they are.

4. Oi Liquid Luster

Holiday Gift Guide

Shiny hair is healthy hair and everyone can use a little more shine. The Oi Liquid Luster will give exactly that. It’s a ten second rinse out treatment that can easily be added on to anyone with hair’s routine. Pro tip: If you gift it a little before the holidays, they will be able to shine as bright as the star on top of the tree at all of their holiday events.

5. A Gift Card to their favorite self care place

Holiday Gift Guide

It’s hard to find time to treat ourselves to a little me time. Giving the gift of a service makes it that much easier to prioritize it. I recommend going the extra mile and trying to find their personal favorite place to relax. If you’re unsure, find a place like The Colour Bar that their gift cards can be used on services as well as product. This guarantees everyone gets something they want.

As a small business, we really appreciate you choosing to shop with us this holiday season. Your purchase directly helps our small staff reach their goals and provide for their own families rather than giving to a big company where most of the profits make a very small number of people more wealthy then they already are.

I hope this holiday gift guide inspired you to think of some new gifts for the people in your life, with a reminder to focus on self care going into the new year. If you ever have questions about any of our suggestions, please feel free to DM us on Instagram and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction!

Happy holiday shopping, everyone! ♥