Invisible Bead Extensions: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know in 2023

Invisible Bead Extensions

Invisible Bead Extensions is my preferred hair extension method; both as a stylist and client.

As a stylist, I have not received as much education and support from any other extensions method. With other methods, I would take an 8 hour class and then be sent on my way. Leaving class I would feel confident, but once I was back in the salon, the questions would be flooding in without a way to get a direct answer.

Invisible Bead Extensions has been a completely different experience. I was paired with a mentor who I was able to contact whenever I had questions. It took me approximately a month and a half of working nearly everyday on a doll head and models to work through the virtual program. I then had an in person class in Utah where I got hands on critiques that furthered my understanding of to give beautiful and safe hair extensions. Even now that I’m certified, I have access to a forum with other certified stylists to continue my education!

As a client, I’ve never worn more comfortable extensions in my life. I’ve had multiple methods in the past and that all were very short lived. They would tangle, or I would feel them on my head and I just couldn’t handle it. When I first had Invisible Bead Extensions installed, and I could immediately put my hair up in a ponytail comfortably, I was sold.

Why You Need Hair Extensions

Invisible Bead Extensions

People choose to wear hair extensions for a variety of reasons!

  1. Added Length:

    This one is the most obvious of reasons to get extensions. If your hair seems to get stuck at a certain length, or you just don’t have the patience to wait until your grows to the length you want, Invisible Bead Extensions could be the right option for you. Either our Elegant Empress (2 Rows) for some extra length, or the Luxurious Goddess (3 Rows) for extreme length are what you would need if this is your goal.

  2. Added Volume:

    Not everyone wants mermaid hair, but a lot of people appreciate the extra volume. Age, stress, and disease are all viable reasons for hair loss and it can really make you not feel like yourself. Being able to add the extra oomph you’re missing can make a big difference in how you feel. If this sounds like you, our Confident Queen (1 Row) package is all you need to achieve your hair dreams.

  3. Custom Hair Color without Damaging your Natural Hair:

    Because we can order your extensions in any color your want and custom color them to meet your exact needs, you don’t have to do as many chemical processes to your natural hair, keeping it healthier in the long run!

No matter what reason you are drawn to hair extensions, it always adds confidence. I personally love my extensions because I am able to bleach my hair less, and still have the color I want, and it helps me keep my style longer so I have to do less to it throughout the week.I also find that I take better care of my hair in general when I have my extensions in making my natural hair happier and healthier.

How to Care for Your Invisible Bead Extensions

Invisible Bead Extensions


I think people are sometimes intimidated by the idea of maintaining their hair extensions at home but it is actually very simple to take of them. I find that it takes a little more time to style your hair initially but it saves so much more time throughout the week because extensions often hold your style better. The two areas that you will see the most change In your haircare routine are when you are washing and at night.

Washing Your Hair Extensions:

When washing your hair extensions, you will find that sectioning your hair off by row, before getting into the shower, will be the easiest way to insure everything getting fully cleaned. Prepping your hair for the shower by completely detangling and then clipping hair out of your way, you’re going breeze through the washing process.

You want to avoid leaving any excess product in your hair and at the base of your extensions so it’s really important that you rinse your rows extremely well. Once you think you’ve rinsed long enough, rinse again for a least another minute.

It’s really important that you always dry the tops of your rows 100%. The reason for this is because your Invisible Bead Extensions are done with hand tied wefts. When handled wefts are wet, the thread holding the hair swells. By blow-drying, it quick shrinks the thread back to wear it belongs keeping your hair in place. If you leave it wet, the thread won’t shrink back and there’s a chance that your extensions will start to look patchy.

As long as you are rinsing well and blow drying fully, you’re setting yourself up for long lasting hair extensions.

Nighttime Routine:

(Psst this is really good for your hair, even if you don’t have hair extensions)

The biggest thing you want to avoid with hair extensions is excessive tangling. A crucial step  to helping prevent this is to properly take care of them before going to bed.

It’s important to start by brushing your hair completely to ensure there isn’t any tangles to start. I then recommend apply 3-6 pumps of Oi Oil to your hair from your jawline down. I know this seems like a lot, but your hair extensions don’t get the natural oils from your scalp the same way your regular hair does. They are more likely to dry out and truly need the nourishment.

After you apply the oil, put your hair in two loose braids and tie them off with scrunchies. By putting your hair in braids, it helps to keep your hair from tangling while you sleep so you won’t have to brush as aggressively in the morning.

How to Get Invisible Bead Extensions

Invisible Bead Extensions

The first step to getting hair extensions at The Colour Bar is to fill out our pre-consultation form on our website. This will send your information directly to me so I can get to know exactly why you want extensions.

After reviewing your pre-consultation form, we schedule you an in person consultation where we can get more into the details of making your hair dreams come true.

At this appointment we will discuss:

  1. Length possibilities
  2. Color matching
  3. Price
  4. At home care
  5. Install appointment availability
  6. Any coloring services needed for your natural hair 

After we have found exactly what we need to achieve your hair goals, we book your appointment depending on availability and I get to go shopping for your new hair! It typically takes about a week to get your hair into the salon but in some cases it can take a little longer.

What’s Included in your New Hair Install?

At The Colour Bar, we wanted your Invisible Bead Extensions to truly be a luxurious experience. To us, luxury is all-inclusive. Besides the hand tied hair wefts and custom coloring, at your initial install appointment you receive The Colour Bar Extensions Care Kit. This provides you with everything you need to take care of your hair.

Invisible Bead Extensions

In your kit you will get:

  • Oi Shampoo and Conditioner– 250 mL each
  • Oi All In One Milk– 135 mL
  • Oi Oil– 135 mL
  • Muse Hair Pro Hair Brush
  • 2 Scrunchies

Yes, you read that correctly! Full size products of everything you need to successfully up keep your new look at home! We know you’re gonna leave the salon looking and feeling your best, why not make it as easy as possible for you to care for.

That is everything you need to know about Invisible Bead Extensions! If you are considering getting some, or you want more information specifically about your hair goals, be sure to fill out the pre-consultation form!


Until Next Time,

Josie ♥