3 Incredible Ways to Strengthen the Mother-Child Bond: The Hair Edition


The mother-child bond is extremely important and at The Colour Bar, we believe that a way to strengthen it is through the healing power of hair. From learning how to take care of ourselves to pamper days as the salon, these special hair moments involve spending quality time together. Throughout our lives we have these special moments with our mothers and mother figures that will stay with us our whole lives. 

Lorena Martinez, founder of The Colour Bar and mother of her two sons, at Disneyland this year.

3 Incredible Ways to Strengthen the Mother-Child Bond: The Hair Edition

  1. A Mother Figure Is Often the Person to Show Us How to Care For Ourselves

    Our early life caregivers teach us so much about life. Learning how to properly take care of ourselves is a huge part of that. We often replicate what we see our parents doing to take care of themselves. If you have parents who pay close attention to taking care of their hair, usually you will end up having a similar routine.

    I have very clear memories of my mom braiding my hair into French braids as a girl and I know I can’t be the only one with these moments with their parents. Because of this core memory, I would practice French braiding my own hair while watching cartoons. I knew I wanted to be a mom who could braid her daughter’s hair too.

  2. Mother-Child Hair Dates Are Memorable Moments for Both Parties.

    Getting your hair cut, colored or styled happens injunction with many important life moments. Whether it is a child’s first haircut or getting ready for your wedding, we often are accompanied by our mother figures. These moments become memorable for both parties, strengthening the mother-child bond. When we are aware of how impactful these events are, we can be more present in the moment which also allows for that bond to grow.

  3. The Desire for a Mother’s Approval Is a Natural Human Experience.Our hair is one of the main ways we express ourselves. When we are young and learning how to do that, it means a lot when our mothers’ approve of our self-expression. When we want to wear our hair in a certain way, and our mothers meet us with approval and positive feedback, it helps to build self-esteem and confidence. Allowing your children the freedom to express themselves through their hair, and fully accepting them how they are, is an amazing way to build the mother-child bond!

Even though these are short examples of how hair can strengthen the mother-child bond, I think it’s clear how important hair really is in our lives and in our relationships. This year when you are celebrating Mother’s Day with your loved ones, I hope you can talk about some of your favorite hair memories too!

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