The Colour Bar’s Protege Program: A Journey into Styling Excellence

Protege program
In the busy world of hair salons, where creativity and skill converge, The Colour Bar has established itself as a beacon of excellence with one of our standout features – the Protege Program. This program is a comprehensive training initiative that molds aspiring stylists fresh out of cosmetology school into skilled professionals! Led by our talented salon owner, Lorena, the Protege Program offers a unique opportunity for new stylists to learn and grow under her tutelage, ensuring a bright future in the industry.


Hands-On Training and Mentorship

The Protege Program at The Colour Bar spans approximately six months and is a remarkable journey that propels new stylists towards success. Lorena, a master stylist herself, devotes her time and expertise to provide in-depth and hands-on lessons to the proteges. This close mentorship ensures that every aspect of the craft is learned and perfected, from haircutting techniques to advanced color applications. Under Lorena’s guidance, Eliana and Rachelle, the salon’s current proteges, are honing their skills, embracing the challenges, and unlocking their creative potential.


Empowering Models and Valuable Discounts

The Protege Program at The Colour Bar not only benefits the aspiring stylists but also offers exciting opportunities to the salon’s clients! During their training, the proteges are given the chance to work on models for various services including blowouts, lightening sessions, root touch-ups, and all-over color. Models who sign up for these services receive a generous 50% discount on their total, making it an attractive proposition 😉 These clients also can take pride in knowing that they have contributed to the growth and development of a future stylist, as they witness firsthand the proteges’ dedication and commitment to perfecting their craft!

Success Stories and Thriving Stylists

The Colour Bar’s Protege Program has already yielded success stories, with past graduates Elayna and Karla now thriving as full-fledged stylists at the salon. Through the program, they have honed their skills, gained invaluable experience, and built a loyal clientele. Their success stands as a testament to the effectiveness of the program and the dedication of Lorena and the team to nurturing talent within our salon.


Looking Ahead

As we continue to grow and innovate, the Protege Program remains a cornerstone of our success. By investing in the next generation of stylists, the salon ensures a continuous cycle of talent and creativity. With Eliana and Rachelle following in the footsteps of their predecessors, the future looks promising for The Colour Bar. Our salon’s commitment to providing exceptional training, hands-on experience, and nurturing mentorship sets it apart as a destination for both clients seeking impeccable service and aspiring stylists yearning to embark on a fulfilling career in the world of hairstyling!

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The Protege Program at The Colour Bar serves as a shining example of how a local hair salon can positively impact the community while fostering talent. Through a six-month intensive training program, aspiring stylists receive comprehensive hands-on experience under the guidance of master stylist Lorena. Clients who participate as models not only benefit from discounted services but also contribute to the growth of these future stylists. With successful graduates already making their mark, The Colour Bar continues to be a place of excellence and innovation. As the program evolves, the salon’s commitment to nurturing talent ensures a vibrant future in the hairstyling industry 💖

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