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The Sleek & Straight Bundle


The Sleek Bundle! The perfect trio to achieve straight, sleek, and shiny hair!

Save 10% off retail value when you purchase this bundle! 

Before applying heat, be sure to apply Melu Hair Shield to protect the integrity of your hair!

Then, apply Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid to damp hair to prep for blow-drying! This product works best blow-dried into the hair, rather than allowing it to air dry.

Apply Oi Oil from mid-to-ends and proceed with blow drying. Feel free to go back in with Oi Oil once your hair dried and styled for further sleekness.

Pro-tip: If Relaxing Moisturizing Fluid feels difficult to work into your hair, feel free to cocktail it with the Oi Oil to thin out the formula

The Wavy Bundle


The Wavy Bundle! This bundle is made just for you if you seek piecey, texturized, just-left-the-beach waves!

Save 10% off retail value when you purchase this bundle! 

Kick off your style with the Melu Hair Shield heat protectant to ensure you are keeping the integrity of your hair as healthy as possible. Apply this to damp hair and blow dry in OR apply to dry hair and follow up with styling tool.

Once you’ve successfully styled your hair finish off your look with Medium Hold Hairspray to lock it into place, then apply Dry Texturizer all over to solidify that lived in look!

Pro-tip: If your hair doesn’t hold a curl well, you can also apply the hairspray before you go in with your styling tool to ensure maximum hold! 

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