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Hair extensions in Sacramento

For the longest time, hair extensions seemed like a luxury reserved for celebrities but you would be surprised by the amount of everyday people who actually have hair extensions. There’s so many reasons why someone may be interested in getting hair extensions

hair extensions

Reasons to Get Hair Extensions in Sacramento, California

1. Additional Volume

This option is one of my personal favorites and tends to be the easiest introduction into hair extensions. By applying a small amount of additional hair, can make a world of difference when it comes to how your hair looks. When people have fine hair, often they struggle to achieve the styles they want and even when they do it’s hard to get the style to last. Hair extensions tend to hold styles much better than people’s natural hair which means less heat (and time!) on your hair as well.

2. Added Length

Adding just a few more inches in a matter of hours is something that is totally achievable with hair extensions. If you cut your hair into a jaw length bob, thinking you’d end up looking like Hailey Bieber’s twin, just to find out that isn’t the case, extensions can give you that extra length you need to feel more confident!

3. Damage Free Color

Adding dimension to your hair has never been easier than with extensions. Adding in different colored hair extensions in combination with custom coloring them can give you the look of fresh pops of color without the damage of actually having to color your hair. This is one my favorite ways to add some color to hair when their natural hair is already compromised and wouldn’t be able to handle it.

4. A Full Transformation

Whether you’re ending a bad relationship or starting a new job, sometimes what we need is a complete reset. The way we look and express ourselves says a lot about the chapter of life we are in. With a full transformation you can achieve a complete makeover to mark the beginning, or the end, of something major in your life. With added length and volume people are sure to see the change!

The best part about hand tied hair extensions are that the hair is reusable as long as it’s been taken care of well. Your extension specialist will be able to tell you how they are holding up, but with the flexibility of popping them in and out, you can change your look seasonally!

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