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7 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Beautiful Blonde in Quarantine


In the midst of an inevitable bleach break, we know that our clients are wondering how to maintain their blonde and keep their hair in the best condition possible. Although we are all dreading the grown out roots and the brassy tones our hair is beginning to take on, we do have a few tips […]

3 Ways to Attract Greatness in Solitude Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Keep keen sight of your 2020 visions by using qualities based on your zodiac sign to feel motivated everyday from home! Use this time wisely to manifest and grow closer to everything you want to achieve once you’re back to your normal routine! ZODIAC BREAKDOWN: Aries: The Ram   March 21st- April 20th It’s no surprise […]

5 Effective Ways to Stay Positive


Over the next few weeks, there is no doubt that our positive mindsets, attitudes, and overall moods will be tested. Our normal day to day routines have quickly been taken away from us, and the ambiguity of when normalcy will return can definitely lead to some restlessness. Here at The Colour Bar, we strongly believe […]

10 Exciting Ways to Treat Yourself from Home

treat yourself

Let’s face it, staying home can make it extremely difficult to be productive, so why not treat yourself at home by turning your living room into your own personal self care resort? Here are our 10 ways to treat yourself by using a few common items lying around your house– because why not bring the […]


hair salon

Finding the perfect new hair salon can be a complicated task! Whether you’ve moved to a new city or are just looking for change, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a salon! The Importance of The Consultation: Before choosing a hairdresser or hair salon, it may be valuable to […]